Morning Chaos

Cutest picture ever

It’s amazing how when you force to clear out the muddy stuff, things become so much simpler and clearer. For instance, every morning the pups and I have a routine. I let them out of their cages and they all jump all over me and fight for my attention. Then Sam runs to get her ball and Gief runs to get the green throwy thing and I have a few brief moments to give Bear undivided attention. Then Sam and Gief come running back to me. Sam jumps on my lap and drops her ball and waits patiently for me to throw it down the hall. Zangief plays a game of half-assed keep away and I have to pretend to chase him before he gives me his toy to throw. We play fetch for a few minutes, while Bear sits by my side and gets all the pets he can in-between throws. Eventually he will join his brother and sister in the fun. Three large puppies wrestling, growling, barking, and running. Three large puppies jumping all over me, each other, the couch, all trying to get a piece of Mom in the morning. It’s loud and crazy. I think most people would be horrified at the sight. It’s kind of embarrassing. But when you take away the scratching nails, the loud, annoying barks, the getting plowed into by a 120+ lb pup, it’s this awesome feeling to know these three beautiful creatures are just so freaking happy to see you, they can’t even control themselves. It’s unwavering, unconditional love at its best. I absolutely adore it. It’s my time with them and when they are too old to want to run and play anymore, I will miss this time.



2012 has started with a fog of negativity, nothing that could cloud the horizon of a new year, but enough that it still hangs there in reminder.  2012 is going to be a big, exciting year.  I am refusing to let that cloud dampen everything I have planned for this year.  If anything, it has really driven me to appreciate the positive notes in life that much more.  So for the past few weeks I force myself to stop and take notice of at least one thing I am grateful for or something that puts a smile on my face.  I’ve tossed around whether I should put this out there for all to see or not.  Sometimes it just feels relieving to put the thoughts swimming in your head on paper.  I am not the most eloquent writer and I’m sure most won’t even care.  This is something for me.  I want to immortalize these things, because everyone needs a reminder every once in awhile.