Meet the Family

After Pidgey died, I realized I didn’t have any pictures of him.  He was a small, blue parakeet.  He was so friendly and was always the first one waiting to be fed in the morning.  Most of the time he would jump on the side of the food bowl before I even got it in his cage.  We got him originally as a boyfriend to Hedwig, although most of the time she just screamed at him every time he tried to get close.  I miss him terribly.  The death of Pidgey sparked a need in me to document my little family the way it is today.  So here they are…


Meet Effie, she is a cockatiel.  We adopted Effie and Isis last August after a friend of a friend needed a new home for them.  We were at the point of her eating out of my hand, but then she had a health scare and needed to go to the vet, so her trust in me has taken a step back.  She went on an egg laying spree for a couple weeks, where she was producing at least one egg every day.  The trauma on her body was causing her to be nutritionally depleted and caused her to get sick.  She’s been on antibiotics for a week and I think she’s feeling better.  She went for a week without laying an egg, and then laid two on Friday.  It’s still progress, though.  The crazy thing about birds is that they lay eggs when they have everything they need, which sounds great, but it is really hard on their little bodies.  As a pet owner, it’s a fine line between wanting to give them everything they need, but not so much that she thinks it’s ok to start laying.


This is Isis.  He generally follows Effie’s lead.  Since Effie is on the outs with me, Isis is on the outs with me.

Hedwig and Oliver

Hedwig is the white parakeet and Oliver is the green.  Hedwig is the first bird we purchased.  I had accidentally killed Ben’s hamster, so I bought him Hedwig to make up for it.  We named her after Harry Potter’s white owl.  We had her for a few weeks before she stopped singing, that’s when we got Pidgey to keep her company, and then she just squawked at him all day.  We adopted Oliver in August along with Effie and Isis.  Oliver and Hedwig hit it off right away and Pidgey was left out as the third wheel.  Oliver has a very cute chirp that makes up for Hedwig’s squawkiness.  Oliver doesn’t take shit from her like Pidgey did.  He does what he wants, when he wants and when her incessant squawking doesn’t keep in line, Hedwig resorts to biting him.  Oliver bites her back and then still does what he wants.  They are fun to watch.


Samus is the baby.  We picked her up last April after finding her on Craigslist.  At the time, I thought it was a huge deal making the jump from one dog to two and almost backed out of going to get her.  Now I can’t imagine life without her.  She is the sweetest and cutest little girl ever.  She is a tongue ninja.  Every time you’re not on guard, her tongue will end up in your mouth.  She has a blue ball that is her most favorite thing in the world.  She takes fetch very seriously and will only stop when she physically can not run anymore.  She is a power chewer and as long as she has something to chew on she will lay and be quiet.  She is incredibly loyal.  When she feels threatened, she barks and then runs behind her big brother for protection.


Zangief was our first dog.  We got him two years ago after seeing an ad in the pennysaver.  He was so small, and we were so unprepared.  After we picked him up we went straight to Petco because we didn’t even have food bowls.  We had to potty train him in the garage because it was March when we got him and it was so cold and windy he was too scared to go outside.  Zangief is too smart and too tall for his own good.  He gets bored very easily and when he gets bored he gets into stuff he’s not supposed to.  When he feels he’s not getting enough attention, he will do things to get attention.  Which is why, at the moment, I no longer have any dish towels.  He howls and whines and makes all kinds of noises.  When he’s super sleepy, he squishes up his legs and then straightens them out and flops on his side.  It’s a rarity to see him sleep though, because he always needs to know where everyone is and what everyone is doing.

Grim Reaper

Also known as Grimmy.  Grimmy is the best cat ever.  He sleeps 23 hours out of the day and just wants to cuddle.  He never takes revenge on you for not cleaning his litter box often enough or forgetting to fill his food bowl before you leave for work.  We’ve thought about getting him a kitten to play with, but I think he’s happy how his life is now.  His place is on my lap, unless there’s company and then he’s all about getting their attention.


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